Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya 2014

Selamat Hari Raya 2014 

Alhamdulillah ...everything went well.
Raya this year so far so Good. 
The celebrations; the foods, families ... and even the journey to Family In Law's house @ Taiping ;-)

Here goes the 'summary'. 

{ Tak larat nak karang panjang-panjang..hehe. }


Sat - 26th July 
-We started our journey to hometown; Taiping after Subuh. Reached Duta Toll @ 7am.
  Kids still sleeping. Everytime they woke up,they keep on asking me "Kita dah sampai umah   
  opah ke belum,mama?". And I answered the same "No" repetitively .
-Masuk Hiway, keluar hiway. Masuk jalan lama, keluar jalan lama.
- Until we reached Taiping @ 5pm. 
  Guess how many hours we got stucked in the massive jam?. ;p

Sun - 27th July
-Last day fasting. 
-Helping familia cooking for our Hari Raya menu for tomorrow.
-Buka puasa with ketupat and rendang!
-Esok nak raya ooi!

Mon - 28th July - 1 Syawal

-Raya Day 1- yeay! 
-Of course No Monday Blues today heheh!
-Mandi sunat Aidilfitri, and had our breakfast with ketupat and rendang with famili ;)
 Not to forget; special meny by mom which is sambal goreng ;)
-Afterwards, we went for Solat Aidifitri. 
-Petang-petang, went to rumah pakcik Bakar @ Bukit Gantang.
-People keep on coming to my mom's house. Ramai tetamu!

The boys enjoy so much with the 'panjat pokok' activity.
Luckily there is no kerengga, anak oiii.

Tue - 29th July - 2 Syawal
-Raya Day 2
-Kids panjat pokok. 
-All families went to Kuala Kangsar. Rumah Pak Mat. 
-Later on to Sungai Limau. I love the old house that we went here. But yet, still NO pics taken!Duh..
-Kids collecting more and more duit raya. Mummy jealousyy!

Haris Darwisy watching TV. As usual his favourite Upin & Ipin.

Wed - 30th July - 3rd Syawal
-Raya Day 3 already!
-Attended kenduri at noon. Nearby je.
-In the evening, four of us headed to Aloq Staq. Visiting my uncles and aunties (my side).
-3 hours journey. jammed @ Juru!
-Went to rumah Pak Ie. They served me durian..Ya Allah..lama dah aku teringin!!
-Ate durian a lots. Cant sleep well. Sweating all night long.
-Rasa macam nak demam :S

Selfie at Mak Tam' house ;)

Hadif Darwisy is so interested with 'Pokok pisang' 

Thu - 31st July 2014 - 4th Syawal

-Eh, Raya day 4 dah?
-Went to Kebun 500, Pendang Kedah --> visiting Mak Tam (hubby side).
-Stayed at rumah arwah wan. Jumpa my Mak Tam. Raya and salam-salam.
-Bagi duit raya and mintak duit raya too. Boley lahh. :p
-Late evening - returned to Taiping.
-Cepatnya masa berlalu!!!

Friday - 1st August 2014 - 5th Syawal
-Balik KL sudah !!
-From Taiping at 3.30pm, then stopped by Ipoh.
-Visiting Paksu house , near Ulu Kinta.
-Around 7pm -- headed home.
-Reached KL at 10pm...terus pergi kedai mamak coz Lapar!!

- End of my Hari Raya story this year -

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