Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Journey!

Alhamdulillah !

New partner coming, one after another.
A young and successful engineer in this beautiful journey!

Will share with you guys, soon.. coz no pic taken with her, yet.


She reminds me of myself few years ago.
While I was an employee.
I worked night & day, to get paid sustain the cost of living in urban area.

And now, all past stories..

Being an entrepreneur and an employee is two different thing. 
Glad, I've experienced both.

Lets take a look the two group pics.

1.During my employment with Giant Oil and Gas company, 2008.
Twin Towers, KLCC

I was so happy that time. 
Never thought that I'm gonna leave this place after few years of hard work. 
But I believed, Allah knows the best in me.

Until in 2012..

I found Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.
Here, I found myself, my soul, my happiness. 
The true colors in my life.

Up and Down.
Who is with me. I have to rely 200% on myself. My effort.
But you know, it's not that scary as you think of.
Cause here we do in a teamwork.

2. As an entrepreneur in beautiful journey. On my way to get financial freedom and sustainable 5 figure income!

See, the smiling faces of us. 
How happy we are!

If this business is really sucks, cheating other peoples..
Cant sell the products,
The products not good,
and very difficult to earn 5-6 figure income monthly,

 I bet,
none of these girl will be smiling like this.


So, ladies..

The choice is on your hand.
Whether you like you current life or not, 
you have to think about your future too.

If your current monthly household income can cover ngam-ngam the family expenses with no BIG savings and insurance covered,

It's better to do something now.


Others are on their way achieving their own freedom by doing this business,
no matter as part timer (if u still love your job!)
full time (like me!)

So,How about you?
 Dont wait for a perfect time to do this business, cause there is no such Perfect Time.
It just the matter of DO IT!


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