Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inspiring Leader ...

What makes me inspired to stay with this business?

because of the *6 figure income* kah?
or the branding *GLAM* kah?
or.. the team itself? ..

Answer : All .. hihik!


Well actually,

I am like any other ordinary people...
Sometimes, I feel so Motivated. 
But there are also times when I feel so Demotivated.
-biasa lah, cabaran ada dimana-mana-


But when I feel so much Demotivated, 
I will look the faces of

My beloved family,
My beloved green leaders,


I will feel much stronger than before. 
Yeay !


One thing to remember, to upgrade our life,
We must take the very first step.
Which is CHANGE !

"If I keep on doing the same thing, the same task everyday, 
no new things, 
so how 
I'm gonna Upgrade my life"
cause u are repeating the same routine everyday, rite?


Therefore, when there is an OPPORTUNITY comes to you..
In front of your eyes, 



A 28 years old, Hanis Haizi.

Share with you a bit of my true experience..

When Hanis started to earn her RM99k ++ about two years ago by doing Premium Beautiful business,
I felt so impressed. 
But,during that time, I was just looking, continue reading her blog and dreaming that one fine day, I will become like her.. 
and yet no action taken. 

-Her 99k income in a month!-

So, time goes by. 
Two years later, she continue doing this business consistently and earned her 6 figure income at the age of 28 !
Hey, she is much more younger than me, 
but what makes her so fast forward compared to me?

So, from that,

I started believing that,
 if there is no action ..
A dream will be just a dream....

And I started to venture into this business with 101% commitment.

Hanis's income 2012 (monthly)



For me now, today..
I feel blessed, 
Allah has shown me the way..
How to get my OWN happiness..
by being part of the successful peoples...

If am still working 9-6 like few months before, few years before,
with my total efforts, I wont get my cash up to 5 figure. 
but here, 
in this beautiful business
You work hard, you work smart..
Result is 100% yours. 
we do it in a team.


All you need is just BELIEVE and DO IT.

Photo: jom sama sama ambil tindakan yg pertama bermula dari hari ni. kerana, tiada apa yang mampu merubah kehidupan kita, sekiranya masih lakukan perkara yang sama.., mencari peluang untuk baiki taraf kehidupan?... pm niza 0122969042 ... =)


Photo: dulu, i read other people punya status mcm ni.. but once i dekat dengan my team leader, automatically.. i pun dah rasa the same thing bila dh jadi leader to my team.. thank u suzane.. we are in one team, rite... we walk together thru thick and thin in this journey...yeayy... @suzanesamy

An inspiring leader will always inspire other peoples... =)

Be with me in this beautiful journey. 
I will guide you till succeed.

Azniza Arshad
012 296 9042
Whatsapp 017 217 0783

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