Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Monday, January 21, 2013

Business Partners-Part 1

Beautiful Partners in Beautiful Lane

We are all doing the same online business. 
But what makes us different from others?
What makes us better than before?

My first entry about My protege,

Nurhafizah Abdullah

Fiza and family. 
Right before doing this business.
A very simple and shy person.

Then, later on she decided to be part of my team.
To upgrade her lifestyle.
Get extra income from this business..

This is her first pic taken on the group.
From gambar pecah-pecah... slowly she upgrade her photos...

Group photos taken


Editing own photos

During event's photos

Hang out with friends photos

I can see lot of changes of her.
She has upgraded her confidence level, personality and of course her lifestyle.
What I knew, she started from zero in this business.
No idea how to do this business, how to run, how to manage, how to blogging, how to master facebook.. and many more...
But slowly she learned, and see how she has transformed to herself now.

It's all started with Believe in yourself that you can go far, and always dream BIG.


In this Premium Beautiful Business, we are not limit you to get your extra income up to 4 figures only, but more than that; 5 to 6 figures.
We also teach you how to look presentable, 
teach you on the communication skills 
and also 
how to master 
Social Media Marketing..

Be part of my team, and we will walk through the journey together.

Azniza Arshad
012-2969 042
Whatsapp 017-217 0783

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