Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Monday, January 14, 2013

A day out after GLOW class @ The Curve !

Yesterday, we had our GLOW class.
GLOW = Green Leaders Orientation Workshop

This is me right in the morning.
Still fresh, and the makeup still tebal !

A special class organized by the young leaders; age between 28~31 focus on how to master in :


In this class, they will teach all about
Social Media Marketing. ;)

Spot me ;)

I will share more about this session in my next entry. 


After GLOW class, we headed to The Curve, Damansara to meet our friends - ex-colleague at previous working place , 
Hana & Laila.


The Curve.


We meet the girls at Chocolate Lounge.
The place quite comfy and cozy.

Suzane told me that the food and drink (choc) here are the best!

So, since this is my first time here, 
of course I cant wait to taste them...

The first menu, is this one :)
Chocolate with fruits...

see how nice is the decoration.. 

Next is


We ordered both vegetarian and non vege. 
Both taste yummeh !

Next ...

The drink!
OMG... just look at the menu, my eyes dah besar ! 

I dunno which one to choose. 

After thinking a while..
So, here we go...I chose the Frappe !!!!

Myself, Suzane and Ita ordered Fair Lady Frappe !

sedapnyaaa ... and i speechless !!

Cik Laila ordered Snow White Frappe.. 
This one quite nice too... ^_^

while Hana ordered .... errr.. lupa! 

While eating and drinking..
We chit chat... laughing.. sampai takde benda nak cerita.

Then later on, 
off to flea market...


We had so much fun that night.

Azniza Arshad

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