Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Corset vs Business

Premium Beautiful Corset 

No. 1 Best Selling Corset in Malaysia!
  • Pioneer and Killer Product in a company. Over 40 million sales!
  • Luxury!
  • Special Design Corset with FIR Technology - 70% health, 30% beauty!
  • It comes with a Lifetime Warranty - Free service or repair
  • Super brand product - high quality with high demand
  • 360' flexibility - Fabric Akuatek and Aquadyne

Premium Beautiful Business
Under giant company - Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • 20 years in Malaysia
  • BSKL First Board 
  • 100% backup from Government
  • KPDNKK - 5 years auto renewal license 
  • Awarded 'Anugerah Perniagaan Beretika' cause it is a win-win situation, based on effort
  • not a pyramid system or even easy money
  • Listed in Forbes Asia 4 years in a row (one of 9  multimillion company in Asia)
  • Syariah Compliance by Commissioning Security for the product and the business itself
  • LONG-TERM Business

Under GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia)

  • The pioneer in online marketing
  • In within 4 years, GLAM has produced 10 top rank leaders - CDMs (highest ranking)
  • Use Social Media Marketing

How to start this business?
You may contact me, Niza at my no. 012-2969042 or whatsapp 017-2170783 to set an appointment with me at any coffee house or shopping mall. We can have a long chit chat to talk about this business, share the success story from the success people.
I will also explain in detail about the business plan, and from there, you can choose to start with your own plan, which is totally on your decision.

How easy to generate $$$ from this business? especially Premium Beautiful Corset.
As mentioned earlier, Premium Beautiful Corset is a well-known product,cause it comes with high quality material and it has been in the market for almost 20 years. An Evergreen product. The demand is very-very-very high, and non-stop day by day. When you talk about slimming and health product, most of women out there are keen to get this piece of corset for themselves.Not only to look good in this magical corset but most important is this product can protect them from common problem that occurred to all women nowadays. Name it.. cyst, fibroid, period pain, cellulite and many more. What a large market. So,this product is not only for slimming, but it also cover in term of health. 
Just imagine a piece of corset can gives you up to RM400 cash! Thats a lot! But how? Lets meet up. I will explain to you during our session.

What is the method of selling?
Both online and offline. But most of all, our group, focus more on social media marketing to promote/sell the product. 
We have expertise that will teach us the latest info and knowledge on how to boost up our sales via technology.

Where the group (GLAM) based?
Basically, we are anywhere,everywhere because we used technology to communicate and connect to each other. 

How to be part of the group, and also be a Premium Beautiful Agent?
To be part of the group and Premium Beautiful Agent as well, we encourage you to join as a member first with cost RM 50 only. Then, proceed to next step, which is 'to build' your business.
You may contact me to help you on this.

To start up for this business,there are few options of start-up capital that you can choose. No restriction.

Is there any other product instead of Premium Beautiful Corset that can generate income too? 
Yes, besides Premium Beautiful,there are few other Popular products such : Hai-O Garam Buluh, BB Plus, Herba Maharani, Nurich lactolite , Biozone Food Purifier, Bio Aura Water Filter and many more. Each of them can give you extra $$$ too!

Other benefits by being GLAM entrepreneur?
Yes, we have. A three time trips to oversea per year including Europe!. And, a car fund (a cash minimum of RM1,000) for you to get your dream car! .. 
From the group itself, they will reward you something *luxury* for every achievement you had. Isnt that good?

I have zero experience about business, I know Nothing about this. I dont have Blog, I am so quite.. So how?
All of us started we zero knowledge and skills about this. Me, myself as well. But one thing for sure, here we have mentors who will guide you along the way of this journey. All you need to do is just follow and duplicate every single steps, and Insya'Allah you will achieve your dreams. Start with Believe it and Do it. 
Contact Me to be your mentor, and I will guide you together with the team. Choose Right Mentor and the Right Team.

I will share more info about this beautiful business during 'our' session. So, contact me now. ;)


Just imagine, how many peoples has transformed their life by 

1.Wearing this Premium Beautiful Corset 


2. Doing this beautiful business as part time/full time job. 

*From full time housewife 

to 6 figure income businesswoman


*From an Engineer at Perbadanan Putrajaya

to 6 figure income businesswoman


From senior project officer with 8 years working experience, 
transformed me only few months by doing this beautiful business..
My 8 yrs experience salary = 1st month income in this business.
So, just imagine you get 5-6 figure income in within 2-3 yrs ahead, 
NOT 20-30 yrs!


And who knows, your life might change as well?
Just give a chance to yourself,
stop thinking here and that, be brave
cause No Worry
We will backup and guide you every single step.
so,just contact me.

*This business is so simple like log-in into the Facebook account* 
"Log-in, read and share status"

Premium Beautiful Promotion!

Place your order;
Azniza Arshad
Whatsapp 017-2170783

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