Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A motivation.. yeayy!!!

2012 will end soon..  
For those who have yet to achieve your target in this year, 
I think it's still not too late, since we have few days more in this year.. 
How many days left ? 
18 days...!!
Better still, right? hehe.

So,what is your goal for this year?
Are they achieved?

I have fulfilled my goals.
One of them is by venture into this
 Network Business.

Imagine, just by starting doing this online business in a few months, 

I achieved these 3 goals in 1 time.
-Financial Freedom-
-Time Freedom-
-Stress Free-

For me, the important thing is to get yourself freedom from anything. When you have no worry about the financial, about time and of course it will lead you to stress free.

How do I started?
It started from believe it, and just do it.

Of course I have fears for something that I didn't know, but trust me, we can learn. 

Doing business is 'O' for me cause I never like it. What I know is only spending money over the internet. 

But till I realized, by spending here and that, I only managed to fulfilled my short-term needs, but in term of long term such big savings, big income, stress free, quality time is nothing! 

Then, one sunny day I made a decision into this and proceed to start. No turning back. In my mind, I always believe. In business, if I work hard for that, then the result 100% will definitely come to me. 
So, you must start with BELIEVE then you can achieve your goals.

With zero experience,working alone for sure will takes time for me to achieve my goals, especially when you have to face the challenges or any obstacles in this business. But, here we have proven track records, iron ladies and academy who gives us support and guidance on how to keep sustain in this business for a long-long-long term.

I think everyone knows :
CDM Hanis Haizi vs CDM Razali Zain
CDM Maisarah Ibrahim vs CDM Syukran Helmi

They were featured in Bella NTV7 last nite .. :)

They are my mentors,

My two cents, 

If you wish to start a business, choose a long-term types of business cause you will never want to start all over again many times.

Start at younger age, cause you have more energy, more ideas and still healthy.

Business never wrong, so choose your mentor and team wisely. For me, I have developed my team since my first month in this business, and it's increasing from time to time.

Don't afraid of losing. Here we are in ONE TEAM.

I can guide you through thick or thin situation and until you succeed!


And all started with 


Be with us in this beautiful journey, 
I bet, you wont regret!

Azniza Arshad

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