Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Monday, October 1, 2012

My childhood dream .. ;)

During my childhood days, I always wish to become an Interior Designer (ID) atau Architect so that, nanti One fine day,I manage to design my *beautiful house* and susun atur my room totally from my idea. 

I did my degree in I.T 
(and bukan Architecture..sob..sob),
plus 8yrs experiences kerja in various field - from admin to IT,then to engineering,pastu jump to HR..(a very multi-tasking person huh), and at last... I'm now a fulltime HOUSEWIFE aka  Premium Beautiful BUSINESSWOMAN. 
But yet, I am still Not a Professional Architect nor Interior Designer.. 

Even,my cita-cita tak menjadi kenyataan,but frankly speaking, my last position ni lah paling menarik sebenarnya, coz I can transform to be *Anybody*.. ;)

Today,I maybe jadi cikgu towards my sons.. teaching them all sort of things,about life..about future.. tomorrow pula , I might be a journalist coz one whole day sitting in front of lappy just to write an essay on my blog, and days after that, I might be a designer .. 
bergaya itu ini just to meet my clients.. haha..
overall, i found this *job* is the best coz there is flexibility in my life, and even I'm the boss of my own *company* ;p
-masuk kerja suka-suka hati, and masa kerja pun suka-suka hati-lah..
hehe,mcm chef dlm TV tue..suka-suka hatilah.. i loike him much!

Back to the story, I memang suka interior designing..dulu masa kecil-kecil..banyak juga part dalam rumah yang i arrange sana-sini, err ..
actually my parent tak tahu i did all these coz siang mereka bekerja..
I did the arrangement from the vase, until the seating arrangement.. dari dining hall sampai ke living room...  (",)
ada je idea nak re-arrange itu ini..
nak buat mcm mana,that's my interest.. hihi..
so, itu yang teringin sangat nak jadi designer or an architect bila besar nanti. ;p

But I believe even by doing this *beautiful* business... sedikit sebanyak
I can fulfill my dreams , at least lah kan to design my parent's house and also my own house... soon...insya'allah.....;)

ok..stop the tears and the sadness 
(rinduu zaman kanak-kanak sebenarnya),
 kita tengok a few pics of interior design yang niza berkenan, which taken from google..
Luxurious Living Room... Cantik!

Simple..this one suitable for the apartment type.. 

This one suitable untuk SOHO (Small Office, Home Office)

The Valentine Theme... ^_^

linea-italia design

i love this one jugakk... green and transparent.....

this one jugak..the open-air...

web :

very nice kan?
Mana tau boleh jadi sumber inspirasi untuk u olss design your own house jugak.. ^_^
that's my dreams, so how about you?
share lar with niza k?

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Azniza Arshad

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