Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Monday, September 10, 2012

To choose right for our children..;)

For our beloved children,we as a mother must know how to choose right in every single thing especially on their food..

A few tips taken from Nestle Booklet..


Better nutrition could be as easy as reading food product labels. Look out for these 3 things to get a good understanding of the food product you may be purchasing.

1.Guidline Daily Amounts (GDAs)
A quick glance at the amount of calories,total sugars,fat,saturated fat and sodium in 1 recommended serving size of your food and the percentage they represent in your recommended daily diet. 

Look out for 'Whole grains', '0% fat or 'No added MSG'. They are quick and simple guides of a product's nutritional benefit.

3.Nutrition Information Panel
Offers in-depth information regarding the food product. The better your understanding, the better you eat.

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