Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haris Day Out!

Since I've been very busy lately to bring Haris out for jalan-jalan, luckily today I managed to slot in a few hours , just to concentrate and entertained him to the fullest.. 
Somemore, his *little* abang Hadif is currently staying with his atok for a few days, so I was thinking Haris would 'enjoy gila' and feeling 'tenteram' without any *gangguan* from his little brother..

So,here we go with the pics..

As usual,mama is the most excited person when papa told us to bring for jalan-jalan!
and me, camwhore first... dalam dapur pun jadi la.. ;)

So,our plan is to Alamanda first for a *window shopping* sambil looking for a place to have our lunch..
But, as usual..before even found the lunch place ,I cant stop myself to find something for myself,and at last managed to grab these *three* little thing for me, from two different places.. at least la kan.. hehe..
..and well, I was a bit menyesal after bought the first two,
the creamy ribbon & grey color flower coz  I found that the price is triple compared to the pink color one.. haihh..
but,at the end..I do agree...there's a difference on the quality ..that's why the price slightly expensive...

hmmmphh..end for my *window shopping* time, then we went to McD to have our lunch..but sampai sana, mcd ramai gila..we waited for few minutes, and yet couldnt find any place to sit.. Haris started meragam...aiyo..its better find another place before things getting worse..
Then..we headed to foodcourt je la..

mama & haris again...

and again.....................
So,siap je makan2...its time to go out from Alamanda coz Haris cannot stop running here and there pulak, and taknak kasi mama or papa pegang..
Both of us dah mula kelam kabut.. haih, 
sometimes that's the reason why I preferred him to be in the stroller..
coz I noe that he is a super hyperactive boy!

Keluar dari Alamanda, then *Blank* sekejap because we dunno where to go afterwards padahal putrajaya punya la besar!! hehe..
so..pusing2 cari jalan keluar..
 On the way back, terjumpa Putrajaya Wetland

Then,we singgah lah  sekejap..
This is the entrance..... ramai jugak orang jogging & cycling disini.. ;)

So, we went inside... Dalam Wetland ni, actually ada menara tinjau..From the top,we can see the view of putrajaya from here.. I think, the last time I went here was almost 8 yrs ago...hmm..lama tue..

so,this time, I'm bringing a 2-year-old kid, I wont take a risk to climb that menara tinjau.. coz silap hari bulan, lain pulak yang jadi.. biasalah, bawak budak kecil, too many aspect to think of..

so,we proceed to another area.. 

hmm..kita tengok itik pulak lah..
i think this one is more suitable for kids, and for the parents itself..haha

haris teruja tengok itik..opss..not itik, but angsa..

yeah.....even sakit mata, seronok tetap seronok..

Hey,Ada flamingo jugaks..besar youu! jakun jap.. ;p

Owh, they are Angsa Mesir actually.. ;p

comel!!! ..buat rendang pun sedap..ops!

before leaving...haris with papa... 

as usual again..nobody wants to take pics of me,therefore I *have to* take photo of myself again.. hahaha...

A snapshot of the entrance from the inside.........

Basically,Taman Wetland Putrajaya ni very huge..Nak jalan kaki, memang penat larr..
So, it's better for u to drive to here, else kalau u alls nak exercise...memang Ok la sangat... seminggu boleh terus turun 5kg! ;p
Sound Interesting huh!


Anyway,we left the place at 6pm, coz me and Haris pun dah flatt..
so,after that tak singgah mana2 pun and we all pun terus balik rumah..
So,That's the story for today. 

And yes,

Me Happy, Haris Lagi Happy!!!


Azniza Arshad

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