Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Every Day Activities That Lead To Increase In Weight

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People end up gaining weight due to an imbalance between total calories consumed and their expenditure, but this imbalance is not obvious in daily life.
Weight can be lost by consuming less calories and doing more physical activity. But maximum people in Asia are obese. This is because people in Asia do not burn as much calories as they consume.

'Low-fat' labeled foods:
There are various products available in markets with a label of 'low-fat'. But low fat labeled foods can even lead to weight gain. Before purchasing any food item, calories listed on the labels should be checked. Those food items that contain low calories should be purchased and consumed.

Usually people under stress eat more and end up with a gain in weight. An effective management of stress is required to prevent weight gain. We should go for vegetables and fruits and other less fatty eatables such as snacks, popcorns etc. There are many other techniques as well to manage stress; these include: walk, exercise or yoga. This can help us relax our mind. During these activities certain hormones are released that help us to fight stress. These techniques not only relieve stress but also improve our health and quality of life.

In this world of technology we spend lot of time watching television, computer, play station etc. We avoid conducting any physical activity and this is among the major reasons of increase in weight. So we should add some work in our routine like while watching television we can do some activity such as exercise bike, treadmill etc. Also instead of using lifts and vehicles we should use stairs and walk to our destination as this can help us in burning calories.

Weight Gain Due To Medication:
Among the various other reasons of weight gain, certain medicines also contribute to obesity as an adverse effect. These medicines include steroids, ant diabetic drugs or insulin; antipsychotic drugs are very commonly prescribed by the general physician in common diseases such as asthma, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorders. Perhaps certain people stop taking medicines because of the weight gain and as a result potentially fatal diseases remain untreated. 
Do not stop consuming prescribed medicine instead take doctor’s advice for. Increase aerobic exercises and follow a balanced diet in the mean-while.

Healthy Sleep: 
It has been proved by a research that sleep deprivation can cause an increase in weight. Also it is stated by doctors that there is a strong relationship between sleep deprivation and increase in weight. Thus by only changing our habit we can prevent weight gain. Getting healthy amount of sleep keeps us fresh and can help us in losing weight by increasing basal metabolic rate. 

Good manners:
Sometimes our peers develop a will power in us to become fit but at times same people force us to eat chocolates and unhealthy food in parties. A simple solution to this situation is to say 'NO'. At the end they will respect your decision.

Quantity of Food:
Amount and quantity of food is very important. It is psychological that you are not able to resist food provided to you and researchers have found that nowadays. It is better to get less food so that low calories are consumed

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