Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Premium Beautiful Corset by Azniza Arshad

Monday, January 17, 2011

its NEWLY me!

Salam dearest ....

New updates from me...!!

This is me before wearing the Premium Beautiful set.....of course la the figure doesnt look good kan...

But after 1 week wearing my PB set........



wow.. amazing.. eventho the weight doesnt changed so much..iye la..baru seminggu kan... but my figure look pretty good!
Alhamdulillah!!! niza siap masuk fitting room @ Marks & Spencer KLCC untuk try pakai outfit yang fit sket... hehe.

So, it is a good news for me, and also GOOD news to u all! 
Dah nampak improvement kan? 

So.. Grab your PB set now!! 

Contact / SMS me at anytime OK?



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